Ford GT 2017: The Hyper Car for Hyper Sport Car Lovers!

Who in this world does not know the one super car series called Ford GT released by the Ford motor Company? The sound of its roaring machine screaming out to your ears, the sound of its screeching tires when it hits the road, be a king of the street, will just remind you about this […]

Take a Peek on the New VW Sport Coupe GTE: The Reviews

Previously debuted in the Auto Show held in Geneva, the new car released by the Volkswagen Company called VW Sport Coupe GTE was just attracting the crowd’s eyes with its golden shiny color depicting the luxury. This car is easily entitled with the category in one of the VW Sport cars which is its company […]

Tesla Model X 2016: The Quick Reviews with Pros and Cons

People are now having a chit chat about the next Tesla Model X of the next year which is planned to be the newly invented Tesla car released by Tesla motors. Some of our trustworthy sources from the inside of Tesla Company is willing to share the information about it. This Tesla Model X car […]

The Updated 2016 Suzuki iK-2 for Release

Since the Auto Release event attracts many manufacturers and car searcher, the same thing occurs in Suzuki. The manufacturer uses Suzuki iK-2 as the pledge in the car show since Suzuki iK-2 model appears in impeccable auto which is made with innovative subject which is found in Harmonized Force. Therefore, it will be interesting to […]

Suzuki iM-4 with Stylish Accentuation

Suzuki iM-4 is considered as the biggest competitor of Fiat 500x and Mini Countryman. Although, the assumption of most people relating to Suzuki iM-4 car with motorcycles, the Japanese brand understands the way to make its 4 wheelers, especially the compact ones. While Auto Show in Geneva provided us the view of compact car from […]

Smart ForTwo Brabus Should Be in Your Car List

In the car market, any city car type is undoubtedly delighted since the turbocharged engine with three cylinders has been slotted into the new one which is popular with Smart Fortwo. This is what you will know about Brabus which comes with powerful performance although any specification and other details are still in the process. […]

All You Should Know about New Skoda SUV

If you are a type of people who are looking for new SUV with seven seat base on budget consideration, the choices are limited. To make it easier for you in choosing such car, we recommend you to a new car which will be released as 2016 car. It is Skoda SUV which comes as […]

New 2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith Drophead Coupe

Although it is still some months to wait the updated look and features from all new cars, actually Rolls-Royce has confirmed that the convertible version with incomparable and stunning version will attract will revive a dawn nameplates. As the pledge, there is Rolls-Royce Wraith Drophead Coupe which will be introduced to car lovers and it […]

Fantastic Renault Espace to Bring Different Story in 2016

If we talk about history, actually you will be amazed with long history of crossover. It has been around 32 years ago since the first luxury crossover is produced but some European countries are not crazy of that. However, the attendance of Renault Espace for 2016 seems to bring more fresh sensations among the car […]