2016 Ford GT Details

how many ford gt 2017 will be made

The new ford GT will come in the year 2016 with new concept. The new car will have over 600 horsepower and an active aerodynamics. Even though it is the new model for the next year, there will be no hybrid componentry in it. Besides, the electric-boost function, the system of kinetic-energy recovery also will be not in this new vehicle. This car will only offer a pure and unadulterated of horsepower. It also will offer a seven speed for dual clutch in an automatic transmission.

The sale of ford GT

This ford GT will provides a new model with the new design. It will be designed with modern and supercar look. The GT model will have two passenger seats which will be a central for exhaust outlets. The price of this vehicle will be around $240.000. Besides, the multimatic motorsports in Canada will build this car.

The release date of this ford GT is expected to be in the end of 2016. The purpose market for this GT model is for global market which includes Europe. This vehicle is produced in order to celebrate the Ford’s GT 50th anniversary. Other than that, it features the bolted direct seats into the floor.

Description: ford GT is a new model car for 2016. It has a new design which offers a modern look. It offers the luxury and comfortable seats.