2016 Lexus RX Review

2016 lexus rx brochure

The priority of the new model of Lexus RX is about the smooth and luxurious interior. This new model is going to have both of quiet and an attractive cabin. This new RX also will offer materials which has a high quality. Furthermore, it also will have a plush ride and the safety advanced of technology. Those are the generous standard of the features it has. The option of the seat is a third-row seat. That will be a possible option this new car has.

Lexus RX new model

This Lexus RX is the fourth generation for the Lexus which will be released in the next 2016. This new model actually has been shown in the auto show in New York in 2015. The lineup of the model is hybrid of course. This new RX will have a style which is going to be more aggressive. Some people said that it is similar with the compact NX crossover.

This new Lexus RX will have five seats even though it has option with the seven seats. The engine of this new model deliver 3.5 liter with the V-6 gasoline. It will have for about 300 for the horsepower. It is quiet better than the current model which only delivers 295 horsepower.

Description: Lexus RX is the next Lexus which will provides mush better performance than the current model. It will have five seat with all the features following.