Ford GT 2017: The Hyper Car for Hyper Sport Car Lovers!

ford gt 2017 commercial

Who in this world does not know the one super car series called Ford GT released by the Ford motor Company? The sound of its roaring machine screaming out to your ears, the sound of its screeching tires when it hits the road, be a king of the street, will just remind you about this car. The happiness is just overwhelming since the new Ford GT 2017 has been announced to be released in short time.

We do remember back then the racing game like Need for Speed was released at its first encounter, the game has its choice of Ford GT as one amazing car to drive. One thing in our mind back then was thinking that it is just an exotic yet sporty car that will just attract any ladies in our downtown easily. In recent news, the bomb has exploded one more time in Detroit this year, since the new GT series is about to out. Here are some highlights about it.

Ford GT 2017 Highlight

The one word that can define this car when we talk about the Ford GT specs is that this car is one specimen of the super car with high performance. This 2017 Ford GT car is just great with its 600 HP with the fiber carbon utilization and amazing construction. The stuff behind its hood is also undebatable.