Infiniti Q60 New Look

infiniti q60 ipl

The Infiniti Company is going to produce their new model for Infiniti Q60. They will give this new vehicle an elegant lifestyle with an original and the reinterpretation. This new model is going to have 2+2 coupe model. This new Q60 will have a new appearance about the inch. It will have a longer and wider inch compared with the current model of the coupe that is nee 637 coupe. But then, this new model drops the height an inch.

Infiniti Q60 style

The style of this Infiniti Q60 will have an elegant lifestyle. Everyone can expect it since the new model of course will be better than the current one. Even though the version of the production will be different, but the change is not going to have much. Moreover, the hood, trunk, and the shape of body for this new Q60 will have curves and bends more than the current model.

The Infiniti Q60 will have automatic seven speeds with v 6. Those are parts of the lighter new line. It will have engine with smaller and have 3.7 liter of turbocharged. So that, the expectation of this horsepower will be for about 400. It will be released in the early of 2016.

Description: Infiniti Q60 will have new model with the shortened height. This new look will offer a more aggressive outlook.