The New Honda FCV

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Honda Company is going to release the fuel-cell vehicle as the new model for next year production. The vehicle will be released in the Unites States which will be followed in Japan in March 2016. The new design of Honda FCV will be both of low and sleek for its predecessor. Other than that, there are some new design for this new model like an opening rear wheel and the mirrors with side view.

The new concept of Honda FCV

Because it is a new model for Honda FCV of course it will have a new design and appearance. This new FCV car will offer an access with easier than the current model. The easy access is about the rear door with more conventional. It is for access the seat which has five seats. This seat provides a more space for the interior than the current model of course.

The appearance of this Honda FCV will be smaller in one-third and has a density power of 60 percent higher. The FCV car will improve both of the style and the power train. Besides, the price of this new model will be around $50.00 to $70.00.

Description: Honda FCV will have a new concept, design, and also price. The style of this vehicle will become a futuristic and progressive.