The New Model for Kia GT

kia ceed gt im test

The new model for Kia GT will come among people soon. This new model is going to offer a sporty four door coupe. That is one of the superiority of this new model. The concept of this new model also will have an original concept which delivers a turbocharged and the direct injected. This new model also will have 3.3 liter with the V 6. This new GT also will have 390 horsepower.

Kia GT engine

Other than those all, the new model for Kia GT will have 394 pound feet for the torque on tap. The twin turbocharged this new model deliver is the generate horsepower between 350 and 400. Furthermore, it will have four cylinder engines for the turbocharged. Those all will make the new model get more attention from the people and give a big impression. This will be a new star of the car in the next year.

The new model of Kia GT which will have an alternative for the power train will be launched between the end of 2016 and the early of 2017. The diesel and the hybrid will become the alternative power train for this new model GT. This car will come with some creations.

Description: Kia GT is the new model of the Kia car which will be released between the end of 2016 and the early of 2017. It big gives a big impression for everyone.