Renault Laguna with Surprising Upgrade in 2016

While the car companies are competing to be the top choices of customer, 2016 will give another story for Renault. Actually, in the year Renault Laguna will come back to be the part of car market event. Although there is no official statement from Renault representation, we have been successful to get the information through […]

Brilliant Renault Megane at Glance

Do you think 2016 will come faster to be encountered? While waiting the time to come, we will give you an informative elaboration relating to automotive news. Everyone will not feel strange if Renault is mentioned since this car is known with its popular car to use all over the world. The company is ready […]

Amazing Porsche Panamera for 2017 Drive

If you are looking a car which is resulting from hard work development, it absolutely exists in Porsche car product for 2017. Exactly, the second generation for Porsche which is Porsche Panamera will make the car market competition will be more interesting. At glance the new prototype appears in all car parts, especially interior shot. […]

Striking Peugeot Quartz Appearance for 2016

Are waiting a new comer in 2016? If it is a car release which you are waiting actually the latest model will come from Peugeot. You will face the new Peugeot Quartz as the car which will give fun experience of driving. It comes from the combination of crossover body, powerful engine and classy interior […]

The New Things You Can Find in Nissan Sway

While the other competitors like Juke and Qashqai are in positive trend in recent years, 2016 will give different ftory for Nissan in its release in Geneva. Actually, there is a future taste within the sway model which you can find in the future. It appears in Nissan Sway which comes with new concept of […]

The New Appearance of Lexus LF-C2

The new appearance of Lexus Lexus LF-C2 will have a newly redesigned. This RC coupe will have the engine base in 3.5 liter V6 which provides 306 horsepower. The stronger one is expected that is 5.0 liter V8 which delivers 467 horsepower. Everyone can expect that since the release date of this new model is […]

2016 Lexus RX Review

The priority of the new model of Lexus RX is about the smooth and luxurious interior. This new model is going to have both of quiet and an attractive cabin. This new RX also will offer materials which has a high quality. Furthermore, it also will have a plush ride and the safety advanced of […]

Kia Sportspace New Look

The new look for Kia Sportspace will become a new model which will have several features. This new model will become a favorite for a long journey. This model is really appropriate for the long distance in driving. Everyone will feel comfortable in driving this new car. It is kind of conceived and engineered car. […]

The New Model for Kia GT

The new model for Kia GT will come among people soon. This new model is going to offer a sporty four door coupe. That is one of the superiority of this new model. The concept of this new model also will have an original concept which delivers a turbocharged and the direct injected. This new […]

Jaguar F-Pace For 2016

The new model for Jaguar F-pace is going to come in the United States in the next 2016. The production of this new model is predicted to be in 2016 too. The growth of the F-pace will depend on the high volume of the tapping segments. It is just like the SUV and crossover have. […]