Renault Laguna with Surprising Upgrade in 2016

renault laguna coupe 2016

While the car companies are competing to be the top choices of customer, 2016 will give another story for Renault. Actually, in the year Renault Laguna will come back to be the part of car market event. Although there is no official statement from Renault representation, we have been successful to get the information through our spying way. Actually the Renault Laguna plan has left its estate body styles and traditional hatchback. For the future, it comes with saloon body styles which can be found in Mazda 6 and Passat.

What Can Be Known to Improve from Renault Laguna

Based on our inquiry, 2016 Renault Laguna will be completed with the same feature as 2016 Megane and it will come with sleeker profile than what you know before. Based on our view, the Renault Laguna’s cabin is found in undisguised design of dashboard. Actually, this will step further than another Renault model because the R-Link system has been used in the central touch screen’ large portrait.

Generally, 2016 is the year to examine the attendance of Renault Laguna, especially for the interior. There is an enhancement for that by the feature of digital instruments with other infotainment controls. Meanwhile, the French design will remain to be the interior part with extensive wood trim and leather dashboard which are designed for high-level comfort.

Description: Renault Laguna gives us the new expectation relating to the enhancement in some aspects like the interior and exterior for beating the other competitors in the future car market.