Suzuki iM-4 with Stylish Accentuation


Suzuki iM-4 is considered as the biggest competitor of Fiat 500x and Mini Countryman. Although, the assumption of most people relating to Suzuki iM-4 car with motorcycles, the Japanese brand understands the way to make its 4 wheelers, especially the compact ones. While Auto Show in Geneva provided us the view of compact car from Japan, this article will give you the points which are attractive to highlight from the car.

Futuristic Suzuki iM-4 with It Magnificent Look

As the future car, such Suzuki im-4 should look perfect in every aspect to attract the customer to be loyal with its new appearance. Actually, you can find the interest through its styling since commonly people will look at such aspect first. Based on Suzuki im-4 styling, this car is featured with minimalistic touch for entire designs and there are some details of eye poking also. For the frontal look, the Suzuki car looks handsome with rectangular grille and taller headlamps including three LED units which are in line.

Not only from one aspect, the styling consideration of Suzuki im-4 can be directed to the features like simple lines, rear end which features tailgate and also stop light. It is only its downside concept which is found rather thick based on the rear pillars which have been trimmed for more improved rear visibility.

Description: Suzuki im-4 is the realization of car from Suzuki to change the image of motorcycle manufacturer through all details supporting the car to be adorable and with its stylish accent.