Tesla Model X 2016: The Quick Reviews with Pros and Cons

tesla model x bolt pattern

People are now having a chit chat about the next Tesla Model X of the next year which is planned to be the newly invented Tesla car released by Tesla motors. Some of our trustworthy sources from the inside of Tesla Company is willing to share the information about it.

This Tesla Model X car is basically SUV in concept with the middle size, higher size than the Sedan car which is its Company has released successfully. This car is even more attractive and friendly for family usage. Here are some Tesla X reviews:

Tesla Model X Highlight

This Tesla Model X has the over pluses on its family usage configuration which is good for enough family range daily needs. The design is also trendy which is also become the over pluses, but some negatives that people tell us are its yet to be known durability and warranty, and also the price which is not standardized for SUV in middle size, but well, in our opinion those are just okay since it is considered as the new 2016 cars. Those cons will surely disappear by the time. Hasta la vista!

Description: Tesla Model X is already a big talk among car fanatics right now, to know it in detail explanation then you need to read this post carefully